More efficient Iphone navigation Apps than Apple Maps

iphone navigation apps

More efficient Iphone navigation Apps than Apple Maps

Apple’s built-in navigation app may be popular (possibly because it’s, well, pre-installed on every iPhone), but it might not be the best navigation app for you. Luckily, you have plenty of options for your mobile navigation needs, from general mapping apps like Google Maps to specialized public transit apps like Transit. If you’re not sold on Apple Maps’ 3D flyover as a must-have feature, here are five alternative apps to check out.

Apple phones do contain a built in apps regarding to the navigation, but they are not efficient in this manner, for that sake android users use Google Maps but IOS users are not able to install it. So, it is big issue of the time. But you don’t have to worry in this manner. There are various google apps which are best solution in this regard. Which are extremely effective and will fulfill all your needs essentially.

Google Maps

Google maps are also available in IOS devices but via play store, you can download this app from there and sort out all your navigation problems.

Google maps are far better than apple maps in working, there most efficient search feature make is user’s first choice in this matter, because of its highly effective database and very strong search specs. It is famous for its 99% accurate estimates regarding the traffic information is concerned, always choose shortest route and will have accuracy regarding all the estimates. Its data base is extremely wide and do concern lots of other specs as well. It provides clear direction and easy to understand paths. Basically Google map is extremely user friendly and up to the mark.

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Waze is more like other navigation apps but the major difference between this and others is that, it is an updated version in comparison of them and have had other additional features. Basically other competitors use there in hand information according to previous experiences of one particular user, while Waze works in contrary manner it uses information of all other users to assure the accuracy of the results in this certain manner. Its results almost 99.9% accurate, because it use GPS information very broadly for each single user as well.

Actually this app do contain more wide information in the matter of traffic jam, any road blockage, construction issues as well. In short they not just provide information related to the areas where traffic jam is but along with that also mention its reason as well, and provide best possible shortest route. This is extremely user friendly app and do contain lots of specs for making your driving experience more smooth and make it better than the before.

waze app

CoPilot GPS

The point of difference among to Copilot and the other apps is this it can be in used even in offline mode. Tough it is free app and very effective to use globally in offline mode, but some of its additional specs and features are available in upgraded version and for that sake you have to pay something.
It provides user option to download the complete map, will provide you option to access various points in each existing app according to your needs and wants, these customize details will help you to reach your destination without any hurdle. There is bit segregation in a manner of charges are concern few maps are available at free of cost such as US and Canada while for some areas you have pay certain charges. Along with that you must have had very efficient storage in your phone rather you will not be able to download maps.

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