Nutritionist’s secret: what to eat when craving for sweet


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Nutritionist’s secret: what to eat when craving for sweet

Being a nutritionist doesn’t mean that they are not human, even with all the know-how about clean diet, they also crave for something sweet to eat like all of us.

But fulfilling this craving does not mean that they can eat anything they wish for. They turn out to be choosy while selecting a desert fest. However you cannot find a sweet tooth that encompasses both the qualities like satisfying your craving and good for your health.

Here’s exactly how they do it and how you can also do it. Dieting is not always a good option but what you eat must be clean and hygienic.

Peanut butter and Jelly


This old-fashioned PBJ is good in taste and hygiene. The sweetness of jam and nutty peanut butter on a crispy, toasted slice of bread makes me feel that I have had a best treat of my life. And good news, yes it’s healthy as well. So close your eyes and eat peanut butter jelly.

Sharon Palmer, registered dietician

DIY frozen yogurt

frozen yogurt

You can even make your own frozen yogurt or ice cream in a food processor with fruit and Greek yogurt. You can also add some walnuts or almonds whatever dry fruit you like the most. It’s very delicious and creamy, light in calories and also provides protein, calcium, and a broad variety of other nutrients.

Sandra Woodruff, registered dietician and author of The Fabulous Fiber Cookbook

Banana skinnies

banana skinnies

I love banana skinnies, freeze thin slices of banana, and then sprinkle it with cocoa powder. You get natural sweetness from the banana, don’t add sugar. They taste good and they are less than 10 calories each.

Dawn Jackson-Blatner, registered dietician and author of The Superfood Swap

Fruit slushies

fruit slushies

Delicious and tasty fruit slushies can be made at home by blending fresh and real fruits (like berries), ice and water. You will get the same taste as you get from real fruits, without adding sugar and other artificial ingredients.

Nicole Beurkens, licensed psychologist and certified nutrition specialist

Date bites

date bites

Mostly the doctors suggest that eating 5 days in a day would boost the blood in your body. But can also eat a date with adding almond butter and a dark chocolate chip. It taste like a candy bar and it completely satisfy your soul. Dates encompass fiber, Vitamin A, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium, all in one bite.

Caryn O’Sullivan, integrative health coach and founder of Appetites for Life, LLC