Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary More Special by going to roots

pokemon aniversary

Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary More Special by going to roots

Pokemon series is moving towards its golden jubilee, this year it’s an 20th anniversary of Pokemon series and make this anniversary special and memorable for fans Pokemon is planning to go back to the roots of the Pokemon, and will recall many memories of fans through this movie which shows how the journey of Pokemon and Pikcachu begins. They named the movie as “I choose you”.

Trailer is extremely catchy and will be able to take to back to time when Pokemen movie begins and along with so many other memories.

This movie trailer was released in this December and was a huge success. According to the sources it is considered that movie will be released in japan in July, there is no update regarding when will the rest of the world can able to see “I Choose You” in cinemas.

Though company decide to go back to the roots, but existing Pokemon is also a huge success in every possible which either it includes movies, 3d games, users just can’t get over it.

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