Robotics would be the best companion for the elderly


robotics for elders

Robotics would be the best companion for the elderly

Technology is helping humans in every walk of life, but a population which needs help from the most in every possible which way is elderly population, Now scientist decided to help them in every which way through robotics.

First innovation which is becoming viral and have stolen the interest of many users is a robotic nanny, which will fulfill all the needs of elderly population. This is very efficiently made robot, which is 90% like human can understand emotions, feeling and nonverbal gestures able to make statements according to the respondent behavior and the best part Nadine that it look just like other humans. From distance it is very hard for someone to decide that either it’s real or not.

This robot is really very smart, and it is best for taking care of elderly population, people who are more aged than 70 years, they always need a companion who listens to them and look after them, because at that age people usually forgot things easily they help doing important tasks and important deeds. She has all characteristics of a best nanny because she can mold herself according to environment and the type of person she is accompany with.


This robot will look after the patient in best possible ways, in case any minor and major emergency she call the most concerned personal, along with that she always provides them good company do various activities according to the needs and demands of the patient. Try to do her best to keep her patient happy and safe.

But there are still some issues in this robot that it is hard for her to understand various accents, and movements through hands and legs are not as much appropriate as supposed to be.

Another very efficient robot is Mera, she is more like a nurse she monitor the pulse rate of its patient and through their face able to recognize any health related issue of a person.

Science this new creation is yet very beneficial and economical, but most of the person don’t really opt towards this idea because they feel that assigning their parents duties in the hands of robots may be very risky and will become really very unpredictable so, they prefer actual nurses over the robots. In best possible way. But many scientist recommend this besides all error in them yet they are pretty much reliable.

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