Six tips you must follow to boost your confidence level


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Six tips you must follow to boost your confidence level

I have worked with rich and famous people, I have seen that they also have flaws, defects, and shortcomings, but they have self-confidence that nothing will hold them back. No one in this world is perfect, everyone have some imperfections.

It is true that everyone cannot be a superstar or a leader, but you can become a superstar or leader in your whole lot world when you have confidence. You cannot be happy if you have bad disposition. If you are negative, self-critical and full of anxiety then you are following “the committee” to control your life.

Try these steps to improve your self confidence

1. Select your thoughts the way you select your clothes.

This is the power you have to cultivate out of yourself. If you cannot dig out your thoughts, then you won’t be able to take out yourself from Grievance City. To breathe in Confidence City, you can’t move straight there from Complacency City. You have to re-shape your thoughts daily for success.

2. Don’t get upset when someone shows rejection

When someone shows rejection, don’t get upset. Enthusiasm and passion are gifts, use them wisely. Accept the rejection; it shapes you in a better manner. Be patient, have faith and live life to its fullest. Every time a confident person gets knocked back, they say over and over again: I can and I will do it in a more precise way.

3.Market your strengths, not your weaknesses

If you want to be confident in your life then here’s what you can do. Don’t advertise your weaknesses to others, people really don’t care about what your weaknesses and strengths are. And stop complaining about what you don’t have.

4.Don’t take it seriously

Ignore what people say. Don’t take the criticism very seriously. Confident people don’t care about what people are saying, they just have an ambition to move on with confidence. Stop complaining about what you don’t have. Things will turn out smoothly when you take a criticism positively.

5.Be kind to your mind

Stop judging yourself, when you are about to be cruel, judgmental and negative about yourself, “Why always me”, I can’t do this, observe and listen. It’s the sound of “I am good enough”. Think positive about yourself, you can push yourself better because you are acquainted with your flaws.

6.Put into practice self-care

Start practicing how to do self-care, stop punishing yourself for what you think, feel and want. Listen to what you lead to. It might be workout, additional sleep, a hug, and tea with a close friend, to have more fun. Eliminate ‘shoulds’ from your life. Value yourself by honoring yourself.

These steps do not come under a magic formula, you have to make it happen and things will change automatically.

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