Smart Car’s Non Smartness Can Become Risky For Owners

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Smart Car’s Non Smartness Can Become Risky For Owners:

Second hand cars though provide cost benefit to the user, but they are really very risky and insecure medium because previous owner can honk the horn, either unlock the car and worst part is story don’t ends here they can have full access to your car location and able to track it through their phones.

Even though if the previous owner delete his whole prior info from services in the car yet he’ll be able to regulate it through mobile app, because it is complete customized and not connected with other features. Actually manufacturer create these smart apps to facilitate the owner in small tasks such as opening in door and many other small services.

Full service updating don’t remove previous owner access from the app because it is not interlinked with other services, the only authority which can change it access is the actual dealership of car’s company who on the first hand have sold the car. Latterly whatever updates may occur will not be able to remove the apps access from actual owner.

Normally Car owners don’t sold their cars through actual dealership, they usually hire new party for this regard. Which will change all services access except the access of app, which shows that it is not clever enough to identify the change in previous and new user.

So, to overcome this problem only way is to access the actual dealers so your privacy will not suffer.

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