Spring break 2016:What are Spring 2016 fashion trends?

March, the month of spring or summer …? Sorry … winter? It is good that these spurts of sun, rain and even snow no longer even know what happens.

If you are the type that with the first rays of the sun packed again their coats to dust mini shorts then you will be equally sorry to that most Mexican women right now, especially when you are faithful lover of trends and a few days before you prepare for what’s in season but no, this time is to land liked capriciousness and surprises us with the mixture of its four seasons because although we know that February is crazy and March some more, this year it surprised us, if you cover You get really hot, if you uncover you freeze Bah!Among the flooded streets, fallen trees and the suspension of classes, to be out of fashion is not a concern for you, rescues those goose jackets and those mini shorts that you like then what do you think? Combine trends ” spring-winter ” is possible.

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Rule 1: Layers

A good way to be warm but light is essential and  what this transition seasons concerns is to dress in layers, thin clothing that fits on top of each other complementing each other giving a very chic and yet keeping enough sheltered.

Rule 2: Back shoe

Not matter what kind of shoe it can wear boots or heels while it is closed, so you can combine perfectly with pants, skirt or shorts.

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Rule 3: Strategic Garments

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We know that fashion is one thing and the biological needs another, but we can find the balance between dress well and enjoy a pleasant body temperature and this is achieved with strategic garments;  that is, the use of scarves, hats, gloves.

You can get rid of the great coats and carry when complements with winter accessories lighter clothing combinations provided.

Rule 4: Balancing Clothes

The objective  is to replace some clothes for others while constantly remain at the outfit,  for example if you are going to dress blouse then complemented by a vest or an assembly, if you’re wearing a skirt is still time to wear stockings, you do not go to wear sweater then take a cotton shirt and sleeves.