The Art of Invisibility: book for privacy tips by Kevin M

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The Art of Invisibility a book for privacy tips by Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick distinguishes all the ways your privacy could be dishonored through your phone, computer & tablet.

A persistent hacker since he was a teenager, Minick ultimately spent about five years behind the bars for computer crimes. Now Mitnick works as a consultant who spins his abilities on paying customers who want to make out where their exposure lies.

Frequently, he can discover ways to get to a business on higher grounds, whether it can be its academic property or the personal data of their customers. But you are at risk, too, he says.

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Mitnick has launched a book and it aspires to assist everyone, from the daily basis internet users to the hardcore users. If you want to keep personal information private, then you have to be good in that matter. “The Art of Invisibility”, launched on Tuesday, covers variety of topics that some readers probably find devastating. From generating safe passwords to sending encrypted email, there’s no shortage of conducts you can attempt to keep your data to yourself.

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There’s even a section on protecting your data from Customs and Border Patrol when you go into the United States.

But Mitnick uttered he wanted to permit the readers to choose the solutions that work for them. There’s no “medium” solution that functions for everyone, and sometimes the solution that’s bit easier to apply is also a little less safe. So he encompasses all the alternatives.

“My whole vision for the book was to teach people how to find the best technology to protect their privacy, rather than just have me say hey, use Signal,” Mitnick said, referring to an encrypted messaging service.


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