The malicious roots behind acne and homemade treatment



The malicious roots behind acne and its homemade treatment

Acne is a problem with which teenagers boys and girls, and adults as well are affected. The age of having acne problem is between 12 to 25. Acne is vastly stumble on boys, it depends what type of acne you have whether it is mild, moderate or severe. You have to first consult with the doctor to know the type. Now acne treatment can be done at home as well you just need to apply creams, gels and lotion on your face or on the pimple itself.

Here are some of the factors that generally don’t root acne

Food: usually parents tell teens to avoid eating pizza, fried food and greasy and junk food. But that may be not the reason behind rooting the acne.

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Dirt: blackheads do not cause acne but washing the face more will irritate the skin and can root acne. Sweating is a natural process it also cannot cause acne.

Stress: stress might not be the cause of rooting acne. Some people become so much upset while thinking about the pimples or acne. But stress does not play a direct role as such.


Acne treatment at home

Homemade acne treatment is inexpensive and easy to apply. Wash your face thrice or twice a day using warm water. Pimples are caused by bacteria, washing your face more than thrice a day will remove the bacteria of your skin and you will have soft and fresh skin. Use mild soap and lukewarm water. Don’t scrub really hard on your face. Do not use rough soaps, cleansing granules agents. Use soft cloth and fingers instead while drying the face.

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