The world of best IOS and Android mobile games

This is actually very common sight all around in our homes and at public places , people everywhere  all across the globe , doing something with their phones and on their phones . The usual activities on smart phones are related to communication, which is in fact the basic purpose of mobile phones and phones.

If we look into it in detail and discuss it at length, the mobiles phones are no more the tools of communication but have actually become inevitable equipment for entertainment and a necessity for time pass. This gadget is not only the need of adult population of the world but an extreme need of children, even if they are 10 years old, girls and boys. Depending on the norms of a household, either you can convince the kids, not to use the gadgets at certain age or you can’t force them to avoid it . Even limiting the time span to use the gadgets is itself a tough task.

For kids the mobile phone world is not less than a fairyland or a Disney land on a small screen and what you can think or fantasy at the age of 13, they may find it around the corner and one can even substitute it with PS 3 games, finding something more thrilling and exciting on all, android, windows and IOS phones. The choice is unlimited, the thrill is unending, either you are lover of mathematics or physics or you like animal planets or cosmology, you may have millions of apps and games to entertain you. You name it and you have it. From the clash of titans to, subway surfer and from candy crush (It’s no more a girly game though) to temple run, the possibilities for the kids to entertain themselves are abundant.

While exploring, different options  , rather even thinking of millions of options for the ids on a small smart phone , I have seen a game , galaxy jetfighter  on android and IOS , which looked like an interesting play for the kids and even for the adults , even it has provoked my interest too. This also made me think that the gaming world on mobile phone is not actually and can actually be confined to kids but it’s like a complete entertainment for the people of all age group and everywhere in the world .

Moving on and leaving behind galaxy jet fighter, there is actually a lot to explore and a lot to talk about the mobile phone gaming world , which actually have made it it an interesting topic for blogging . There are certain positive and negative points associated with it, the world doesn’t move, however without the contradiction (which is the beauty of it ).The most important and precious holding of mankind is the “Time “, the limited time and the time that we have to spent on ourselves for ourselves and about our futures and gifting ourselves with a wonderful present . It actually have reminded me about a quote that “Time is money “ . So the point here is that how much time the kids and the adults are spending on their mobile phones, playing games? This is going to be a great research, so we can start it , by looking around us , in our homes and in our surroundings .


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