To Overcome the Flaws in CIA System of tech companies



To Overcome the Flaws in CIA System of tech companies

Several of the tech firms whose products have been allegedly compromised by the CIA have given their first reactions to the claims.

WikiLeaks have helped CIA for accessing the data regarding different firms, for those which are using this that is a very beneficial site, but those who suffered from it will consider it as threat on their security.

Which was making their confidential information disclosed, which a big threat for those companies. To overcome from these threats among these companies apple first took an initiative in this regard to claim the opponent in this regard.

WikiLeaks proved that spying will going to effect the privacy of its users, which indicates that none of your smart device is safe you, spyer can reach to your call log also able to track your calls and able to monitor your activates through this.

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To overcome this problem the company who took initiative before any other party is Apple. They claimed that they addressed the problem and build recent IPhone in manner that will provide it users its users complete data security, and they will update it gradually, there is also possibility that in coming future this feature of Apple will be more efficient.

They designed system in manner which automatically update itself until and unless user blocked changes process. According to Apple maximum number of its users are consuming modernized version.

Samsung is also providing its customers a security check and working to improve it to their fullest for the sake of customer’s satisfaction.

Microsoft is not sit behind in this certain dimension, like previous companies they also indicates there concern and awareness regarding this problem and make remedies to overcome it for their customers complete satisfaction.

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CIA has established new system that has an ability to Skyjack Linux based software. Due to which multiple companies around the Globe may suffer. That is why all of them at their ends try to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Till now CIA neither denied nor accepted these news. But his one chief states that: they don’t own such things happening at their own ends. But if it is true than this will be very damaging for foreign intelligence, strategies, measures and processes.

Actually thing is not that the CIA is collecting this information. CIA is made for this purpose actually some other party is working in this dimension for the sake of their own benefits, which is actually a bad news for the world because no one knows that for what sake this information is gathered and what is their benefit for them in this regard.

Problem here is CIA data is leaked and someone track it through their own mediums which is really a dangerous thing not just for them but for others as well.

Now it is a prime time for technological specialty company that they should provide high-end security in their gadgets because security threats are increased worldwide.



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