Top 5 countries with best work life stability for expats

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Top 5 countries with best work life stability for expats

Attaining healthy work-life stability is a main concern for most people. And there are some countries that uphold a better culture of that than others.

A study by Inter Nations, the world’s biggest network for citizens who live and work overseas, rated 43 diverse sides of life overseas on a scale of 1-7.

The study said that “although there is no direct correlation between long working hours and dissatisfaction with work-life balance.”

For instant, France has the second-shortest functioning week in the world with 41 hours on standard, but it didn’t mark at the top of the charts.

5. Taiwan, 30% of respondents are totally contented with their work-life stability, which is just about double the global standard of 17%, thanks to their 40.7 standard functioning hours for each week.


4. Luxembourg, The study says Luxembourg is one of the five main places “vocation expats” frequently dwell. 43% of these career expats have a postgraduate degree and 12% a PhD.


3. New Zealand, Expats here have few of the straight working weeks in the world with 38.6 hours, as compared to the global standard of 41.4 hours. Plus, in New Zealand, expats are more certain in job protection and the country gained vastly for extra-curricular activities accessible.

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2. Denmark, the country has the straight functioning week in the world, with the standard expat functioning just 39 hours per week.

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1. Norway, Expatriates work on standard 41.7 hours for every week in Norway but they rated it the superlative in the world for work-life stability and outstandingly for hoisting a family.

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