Top 5 important and new cyber security trends to know

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Top 5 important and new cyber security trends to know

Big data, mobile business, virtualization, cloud computing and social networking are gaining in importance. With the complexity of digitization, the demand for IT security is increasing. Even if the firewall is a first obstacle, the new threats require security solutions that go far beyond their capabilities. According to experts, this is the IT security trends.

Security will continue to be a top topic in IT in 2017 as well. The focus is on automation, analysis, networking and endpoint security. IT security is also shaping IT security this year, with increasingly complex and sharper threat scenarios as well as the concretization of the IT law.

  1. Networked IOT (Internet of Things) provides more attack space

Manufacturers still attach greater importance to features than to security when developing networked devices. A real treasure trove. Security by design must become an integral factor. Since everything is increasingly connected with everything, in particular unsecured devices, which take over a “bridge function” between the Internet of things and backend systems, should be in view. Thus, safety experts have managed to break into the control of a networked car and to stop it from afar. Hackers have a relatively easy game since many of the now networked devices are not sufficiently secured due to their short development time and therefore offer numerous points of attack.

  1. New cloud operating models call for clear areas of responsibility

While businesses and government agencies have finally recognized the benefits of the cloud and are integrating them into their business models, they remain responsible for safeguarding their business and customer data. Therefore, it is essential to integrate robust incident-response structures into the cloud strategy. In addition, the tasks and responsibilities of the organization and the cloud service provider must be defined.

  1. Information security is more than compliance

Organizations sharpen their view for risk management, which focuses on company values, risks and measures and goes beyond mere compliance. Risk management, business continuity management and corporate architecture will be even more interlinked.

  1. Privacy and security important public issues

The EU is increasingly working on the reform of its data protection legislation and on the protection of data which leave the territory of the EU. Germany will further define its regulatory requirements for data protection and data security for critical infrastructure operators. The requirements concerning reporting requirements and evidence for the implementation of adequate standards of information security result in an increased need for consultancy services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  1. Managed Security Services (MSS) is fully up-to-date

The complex threat situation is a challenge for many IT security teams. Demand for MSS is increasing. They are a good alternative to increasing their own staff and technology. MSS allows a demand-oriented and scalable retrieval of up-to-date know-how, expert support for acute problem solving and the use of innovative technologies while keeping control of internal IT security within the company.

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