Top bursting tips to stay healthy and eat better food

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Top bursting tips to stay healthy and eat better food

These days everyone wants to be fit and healthy people there are few tips which may help you in this regard are as follow:

Established Achievable Goals:

Make your own diet chart in which you make small goals through which untimely able to achieve big goals, exclude carbs from your daily meal and increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, because they easily digestible and are good for your health and body weight. Reduce the quantity of food but eat after small span of time.

Keep Check On Your Routine:

Making a diet and exercise plan is easy but problem comes when you have to follow it in a long run, so, for that purpose you make a checklist for your daily routine and at the end of the day mark things you have done from the list. Keep a record on how much calories are you consuming and in its comparison how much calories you are burning through different activities.

Increase Protein And Calcium In Take

Calcium is good for bones and teeth use dairy products such as milk and fish, eat vegetables, fresh fruits, beans and fish for calcium and protein intake. If you eat healthy you will stay healthy. Illuminate fast food and fizzy drinks from your diet to stay healthy

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Cheat Day

Once in a week gave yourself treat and eat whatever you like but in a small quantity, this will keep temptation low in rest of the week


Exercise is very important for one who wants to stay fit and healthy, it keeps skin and body fresh and healthy and remains oneactive. Choose an exercise which suits you according to your routine and body type,it not necessary to spend an hour at gym daily, you can do walk, aerobics or squads whatever suits you at least once in week.

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Don’t Miss Breakfast

In our busy routine most of people skip breakfast but it is the most important meal because after 12 to 13 hours break during night our body do need something to eat to regain strength and energy to complete tasks which will come ahead. Skipping breakfast is the most common mistake made by most of the population.