Best trip planner apps to install before you plan your trip

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures of life. However, preparing for it can be somewhat overwhelming. That is why, we help you better plan your holiday with the following apps.

Organize a start from the booking of flights, accommodation trip, carry luggage and decide which places to visit in your chosen destination. Indeed several issues to consider. So select the infallible app and share photos, videos and reviews in real time, they help to make the procedures easier to travel and you can enjoy it more.

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tourist eye '

This travel guide promises its users to have an unforgettable experience, as it gives the option of accessing information easier. Here maps and advice from other users are without the need to be connected to the internet so you can take advantage of the flight time to organize. It offers a wide range of destinations to plan trips and activities in the places to visit. Something very important to note is that, here you can recommend the best places that might interest you and save them through a wish list, as ideas for the upcoming holiday.


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This platform has become a must for globetrotters who require accessible or supply flights. This app allows you to reserve tickets, hotel and even rent a car in the visit to your next destination. Its use is very simple; you only need to enter the origin, destination, dates or times and the means of transport that will address to receive information as orderly costs. It is essential occasionally to not let go of a good opportunity.

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Something always gets control when traveling is to manage money, and if the expenses are shared with someone. It helps to keep track of a simple way to store bills flights, hotel and others from your email, also make notes and attach pictures of tickets.

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4.Wi-Fi Finder

wifi finder app

Because in the digital age what you should never do is be disconnected. Wi-Fi Finder helps travelers locate the nearest public networks and leave aside the high roaming charges. This app is a valuable source of unlimited data at your fingertips.

5.Travel Diary

travel diary
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As its name implies, this is an app designed to keep privately special moments and experiences of each trip. It is ideal for long trips, since each entry may be accompanied by photographs and be immortalized through their location on a map. Unlike share experiences through a social network, this app only allows sharing via email, which makes it more intimate. It has the essence of a postcard of the old days, but updated.

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