Uber President resigned publicly after 6 months service

president of Uber

Within less than six months Uber owner is decided to leave the company, but the most shocking part is that he decided this and don’t bothered to inform the other executives. Rather publically announced this news, which tend to be not even a shock for the general public, but for its entire team as well.

There are various controversies regarding this decision, some states that reason behind this decision is hiring of new COO, due to which Jeff Jones may considered that new hiring will going to challenge its position and authorities.

While some says so that the basic reason was his lack of management skills, he don’t feel himself as a competent to the company growing managerial needs. Because some issues such as sexism and sexual harassment was keep on growing. This problems grows more than the name and services of Uber.

jeff jones

But despite all the controversy Uber issued a statement which states that: “We want to thank Jeff for his six months at the company and wish him all the best.”  Which is actually very nice gesture.

Though it was a shocking moment for the management, they also feel that despite all the reasons it shows just lack of professional courtesy.

But despite all this debate according to some very strong sources, Jeff resigned because he have had a very strong believe that his leadership skills are not up to the mark. That is why company internally suffering from the very serious harassment issues.

But some strong sources states that all of what happened was actually planned, it was a very strategic decision of hiring a new COO, though the reaction of existing CEO is also expected. The reason behind this whole exercise is mainly concerned with the value of stock exchange and public positioning.

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