Video of Turrialba volcano eruption in Costa Rica

The Turrialba volcano erupted on May 12, 2016.It had been two weeks showed strong activity the volcano finally erupted on hours of the morning of May 12 .

The column of smoke, rock and ash exceeded 3 kilometers altitude , while the eruption itself lasted between 8 and 11 minutes.

This was the strongest eruption of the volcano since 2014 and his ashes reached to cover various localities of the capital San Jose (about 30 miles) as well as locations in other provinces.

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As reported by the Volcano logical Observatory and National Seismological(OVSICORI – A) the volcano was relatively calm after the eruption. We did , however slight seismic activity was recorded and experts do not rule out that the volcano erupt again in the coming days. OVSICORI has a Facebook page in which he announced to the public about such events, as well as the persistent dangers and precautions to be taken.

Furthermore, in its official website , the OVSICORI makes available streaming real -time two volcanoes in Costa Rican territory: the Poas and the recently active Turrialba.

The following video shows the time of the eruption captured with an infrared camera located on site. It was published on the news site New York Times and quickly replicated in different media.

The importance of these images lies in the possibility of locating exactly the hottest spots of the volcano’s activity . This, according to experts, can be used to refine the measurements, improve forecasts and help warn the population about the eruption of an active volcano .

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