Want to love people? Try to be kind to yourself first


be kind to yourself

Want to love people? Try to be kind to yourself first

I always think about that how to connect with more people in my life. But my greatest challenge in life is the negative self-talk and always underestimate myself when things don’t turn out to be the way I want.

Whether it’s getting late from office or from a meeting, or whether I can’t be able to manage certain things in my life at a same time. Or whether someone criticized me, the volume of disapproving voice inside my head will get higher with harsh words and leave me upset and frustrated. But I want to address this to someone and be trained to be nicer to myself.


Psychologies: what is self compassion?

I usually think that there is only one way to treat yourself like a good friend instead of being judgmental, But when it comes to self compassion, it added up two more ways, one is common humanity, remember that imperfection, your mistakes, your struggle, is not just limited only to yourself, every human being shared that experience in his/her life. So you are not the only person with imperfection. So compassion is not the “poor me” feeling, it’s just recognizing that life is hard for everyone.

How you can be kind to yourself?

There are many ways one can access compassion response and practice as well. And we can learn this by conducting different research. In terms of how we receive compassion or give compassion to others, physical warmth, a gentle touch, a warm tone of voice. These are the triggers of the compassionate system. So speak to yourself. So whenever your mind bombarded with negativity, harsh words like “I am a crap”, what I have done in my life, I hate myself, so please go for a life. And find a way out rather that pin pointing yourself.

negative thoughts crp

I have studied somewhere that there is a Mindful Self-Compassion program of eight weeks and they are offering the training program all over the globe. They are training teachers, and they have written the guidebook, which is now pretty much up and in succession.

They want to train more people but right now they are focusing only on teachers and medical professionals because they are always considered as “givers” but they didn’t find time to give something to themselves.

Mindful Self-Compassion program includes meditation, and most of the people know that meditation is the only way to change brain habits but not everyone practiced it.

They have done a pilot study with students and they got positive results. This will be the part of professional training for teachers, doctors, nurses and counselors.  So join the program if you could and take away the germ of “I am not perfect” and stay positive forever.

Is crying a good therapy when you are stressed out?

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