What are the secrets of successful New Year resolution?

Why is it so unconventional not to make a New Year resolution, how it will help us to plan a better life, if we make a New Year resolution and do we really think? It may bring a revolution in our life. The thoughts in our mind , if refreshed and planned properly for future and a well designed strategy to be chalked out for a better tomorrow could be really helpful , is it so ?

The new world, the new desires , the new goals and some new destinations , not to forget new friends and new social circles ,new investments of time and money and lot more . Now days it is very common to declare the resolution on social media, expressing it publically, promising to everyone, looking at your profile and telling it to all stalkers, that we are going to be better persons in the next year. Is it possible to assume a world without social media? Without a mobile phone, without a tab and without internet for that matter? If that would be the case , and if , the friends in your social internet profile would not know about your personal vows and resolutions about the new year , who would know about us and how that extensive communication would be reduced to fewer inner circles .

The life has been really changed, a father can know, more about his son and daughter from his twitter account rather than getting to know things about him/her in person. Does it imply that? We are no more using our faculty to speak but our fingers to type and express, what we feel? The dynamics of communication have been changed and personal communication have been moderated drastically .However , it is not very clear that this change of life style through social media have changed the life , I mean the real life of the people as such ?

Do we think that with the internet social media and digital media revolution, the world have become a better place to live? The common, general and minor problems of the common people have been reduced? The extensive communication and wide dissemination of personal information and thoughts is helping people to become more productive and effective citizens of the world?

There is also a question that is it financially and economically helpful to the people to communicate a lot? Finally is it spiritually helpful for the people and they are getting some effectiveness for their mental health?

The evolution of the human society has seen many revolutions in the last two centuries and it goes on. The current social media and internet revolution, which has its claims, that it has converted the world into global village and it is seemingly a most profound evolutionary leap in social development.

There is apparently no end to the technology of communication and information and it is not going to end, people would love to be more entertained with the upcoming gadgets and new inventions . lets where we go ?



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