What are the best places to live overseas for expats?

To move abroad, feeling at home even if foreign? In some cities it is certainly better than others: Mercer, a global consulting firm, measured the quality of life index for expatriates around the world.These are the the best places to live overseas specially for expats.


best place to move abroad
At first place for the seventh consecutive year, the Austrian capital offers the perfect combination of adventure, affordability, simplicity of life and safety. Vienna is known for its centuries-old history of the center of European intellectual life, birthplace of Mozart, Freud and Hayek but, apart from the tourist attractions such as the magnificent architecture, walk able streets, and cruises on the Danube, Vienna is just as exciting as a center of all that’s new in the culinary and European art scene. All thanks to the enlightened city government, which invests considerable restored in infrastructure and housing and keeping the cost of living much lower than that of comparable European Cities?

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2. Zurich

best place to move abroad
In Zurich 99 percent of the population is in fully satisfied states of their lives, there is a reason. The economic center of Switzerland is sometimes seen as a boring place, where the trains run on time, and the streets are spotless. While Zurich is a model of efficiency, it should also be added that the city is a heaven for young creative people, who have witnessed a revival of artistic and culinary of the place, which is strategically located in the heart of Western Europe to make matters worse, the Limmat River, which passes in the city center, is open to swimmers in summer and is so clean that you can see the bottom.

3. Auckland

best place to move abroad
Oldest park in the New Zealand city is built around a crater, the result of ‘eruption of a dormant volcano. This is just one of the things that make it special Auckland. The city faces the sea, with beaches that are within walking distance from the center. While New Zealand and Australia have a high cost of living, culture of Auckland street food certainly makes it less. The natural environment, is one of the parameters with which Mercer analyzes the quality of life, has helped to bring the city on the podium of the rankings.

4. Monaco di Baviera (Munich)

best place to move abroad


Monaco of Bavaria, far from being only the Oktoberfest so dear to tourists, is a metropolis that offers a high quality of life to those who decide to stay a bit ‘longer. Marienplatz, the heart of the historical center of the city, is the place where you meet the people and continues to be an area largely pedestrianized, teeming with restaurants, cafes and shops. The art scene combines the ancient with the contemporary, even within a single area: Kunstareal, the artistic district of the city, combines some of the best collections of Greek and Roman art and contemporary galleries.

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5. Vancouver

best place to move abroad
Vancouver, Canada, is the only North American city to make the top 10 of the best cities where to live for foreigners. Its culture of acceptance is just one of the reasons; In fact, the city is very committed to the preservation of its natural environment, seen as a resource for fun. The place is full of trails for mountain biking and kayaking.

6. Dusseldorf

best place to move abroad
Dusseldorf is both an economic and cultural power. It has long been one of the richest cities in Germany, but also technologically revolutionary and trendsetters. Königsallee, the boulevard affectionately known as the Kö, offers a mix of local brand of clothing stores and showrooms in fashion, from which oozes a great creative energy.

7. Frankfurt

best place to move abroad
Frankfurt is the largest financial center in continental Europe. Seat of important exhibitions like the one car and books, combines its financial soul of skyscrapers that of a medieval cityscape and a bit ‘bohemian. Its airport is a major hub, from which you can start to explore the world

8. Geneva

best place to move abroad
It is is one of the most expensive cities in the world, in Geneva the quality of life is very high. Incomes are high and the lively, cosmopolitan cultural life. Thanks to the presence of many non-governmental organizations, like the Red Cross, some agencies of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, which attract workers from more than 180 countries worldwide. Geneva is one of the smallest metropolises in the world, so much so that it is easily explored on foot along the beautiful Lake Geneva.

9. Copenhagen

best place to move abroad
One of the cities where foreigners live better, thanks to its beauty, the high level of income and the rich cultural offer. Despite the cost of living are high, public parks and galleries abound. In addition the city is the most bike-friendly in the world. This means less traffic and clear sky. Copenhagen has one of the highest indices of bars and restaurants per capita.

10. Sydney

best place to move abroad
At number 10 we find Sydney, Australia, with a long tradition of welcoming millions of foreigners. The city boasts some of the best restaurants in the world, vibrant arts and music scene, a thriving financial center, beaches in town, long summers and mild winters.

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