What are the most revolutionary technologies 2016?

It is not new news that technology is changing our lives in such ways which  were not imagined even just a couple of years ago, but it is easy to get lost among so many dazzling advertisements and so new concepts are vague and confusing .

To help ourselves we should focus our attention on some of the areas which have most tangible impacts. 10 most cutting – edge technologies of 2016  has been listed through magazine ”MIT Review”  from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).which had a significant progress during 2015 or are on the verge of having one.

These are the 10 technologies which you have to know at this time:

Immune Engineering Companies

immune engineetr companies

Genetically engineered immune cells are saving the lives of cancer patients. The immune cells are modified by genetic engineering and are capable of giving  human body the necessary momentum to overcome deadly diseases, such as cancer. It could be available to the masses from within one to two years.


In plant genetics accurate editing.

plant genetics

Four years ago, the protein called CRISPR-Cas9 – an enzyme that bacteria use to attack the like invective virus that was unknown to humans. Today, it is everywhere in science laboratories as the most efficient way to copy-paste DNA was invented so far. When it was used in vegetables, it  helped  creating  traits such as disease resistance and drought tolerance. Even Bill Gates has invested in it , and MIT estimates that it could be available within five to ten years.


Conversational interfaces.

conversational interface

The Chinese company Baidu has developed a recognition engine as reliable voice that has  been used by millions of users in China already instead of the touch pad. Isn’t  it  best?  It is available  and also drives the supply of other companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple to improve their offers. Isn’t  it  incredible? That companies under the radar outweigh the technological titans.


Reusable rockets.

reusable rockets

The rockets are usually destroyed on their maiden voyage, but they can now perform a vertical landing and can be refueled for another trip, setting the stage for a new era in space travel. SpaceX says that reusable rockets can help to reduce the costs of a release of 61 million dollars (mdd) current to between 5 and 7 million and they are available

Robots that teach other robots.


Brown University in the United States has a program called Million Object Challenge , in which Baxter an  industrial robot, learns from the experience in handling a million real  world objects. The database generated from the experiment can serve as a reference to generate a repository that  further can be used by other robots. Its Availability will be Within three to five years.


App Store DNA.

app store dna

“An online store with information about your genes will make it easier and cheaper to understand more about your health risks and your medical predispositions.” Helix , a startup based in San Francisco, plans to do just that, and has capital to achieve it . It will be Available This year.


The Giga factory of Solar City.

giga factory

The Solar City plant is in Buffalo, New York and it will produce 10,000 solar panels a day, increasing the capacity of power generation at a much lower cost than those derived from fossil fuels. This  will be Available  in




An integrated approach to the era of mobile phones and text messaging service is changing the office. The service has exceeded two million daily users since its launch in 2013. Although their functions were already available since the early 90s but its charm lies in the fact that it is very well designed to interface smart phones, and therefore practical and convenient for companies to adopt it . It’s available


Tesla autopilot.

auto pilot

A couple of months ago, the sexiest electric car in history received an update that allows you to perform much of the work during a tour without human help. It’s available now .

Generate electricity from the air.

power from air

The first sensors for the Internet things that do not need to be connected with a power source and that can accommodated signals Wi-Fi, radio or cell phone, they are coming now . Within two to three years they will be available.




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