What do astronauts do on the International Space Station?

Today science and technology is at its best and reach at that point where robots with artificial intelligence can think better than humans.No one can imagine that what revolutionary technologies are coming.Imagine a 7 astronauts in the International Space Station small orbiting Earth and safe to think it is not only boring but with little space to move. However, this is not so, astronauts who live there are many tasks and activities they can do at the station as released by NASA.

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Taking care of a station like this is not easy, no maintenance to do constantly to be safe, and also very complicated scientific experiments and among all this should work out to be in top physical condition and not get sick in space.

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what do astronauts do international space station

With the low gravity existing in space , astronauts ‘ muscles remain much downtime. That is why it is mandatory to 2.5 hours of daily exercise to keep the body fit.Furthermore, among the tasks it is to observe the good condition of the ship from the outside, and these spacewalks usually last up to 7 hours.Among the experiments is related to the human body and its ability to live in space , equipment operation and human behavior in confinement.

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In addition fluids that can be used for machinery and technological advances they are studied.In their free time often communicate with their families and check their emails. Because the amount of leisure activities is not as much as we would believe here on Earth, where we do not have to worry about the environment in the same way.

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