What is Raindrop Cake Trendy Japanese Dessert?

Get ready because this is one of the most beautiful desserts you’ll ever see … The cake, which is causing a stir before his arrival in New York, is known as “raindrop” as it has, indeed, shape and appearance of giant one drop of rain.As some of the best things in life, the “raindrop” cake  is originally from Japan. It is called mizu shingen mochi because it is an adaptation of mochi shingen , a very soft cake, made ​​with mochigome an extra – Japanese glutinous grain, and eaten with soy powder and sweet syrup. In Japanese, Mizu  means water, so we understand that this version of the cake based mochi includes water and aims tohave water texture.

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It seems that the dessert in question has been taken up (and westernized) by New York chef Darren Wong (you can see in the picture below), which produces the mineral water and gelatin and served with flour roasted soybeans and syrup sugar (in honor of the original Japanese dessert).

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Is it an alien? No, it’s a dessert …
Nobody agrees on having the cake taste, some say it’s sweet, others say it just like a raindrop …
To whom it may interest you to try it at home, here is the recipe to make this beautiful raindrop:

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