What is the safest way to backup data for a long time ?

Large volume of information we handle on a daily basis, many even think that this will always be there, until it is not and then they start  headaches and regret to  not having made ​​a backup on time.

The culprit may have been a malignant virus, perhaps a problem of hardware or software, whatever the cause is necessary to be covered, as a good life insurance. Here I show you how to successfully create a backup of your documents, videos, music, photos, etc.


  1. SD cards and Flash Memory

How to backup your data

They are relatively cheap options depending on the capacity of each device, must also consider that their size makes them perfect for transporting all kinds of immediate information as you can take any of these devices in your purse or pocket.

You just need to connect these gadgets to the USB port of your PC or Mac and voila, you can access all your information seamlessly. Another point in its favor is that many smart TVs have input ports for SD cards or Flash memories and so could play music, videos or pictures.


  1. CD, DVD or Blu-ray

How to backup your data

Although already they have  become  obsolete  and it is very likely that your computer count a disc reader where you can burn your data on CD (700MB), DVD (4.7GB or 8.5GB) or Blu-ray disc (25GB or 50GB). They are quite reliable and all you need is keeping them in an environment free of moisture, dust and scratches.


  1. Cloud

How to backup your data

Cloud systems are one of the best answers to give solution to backup information. Services like Google Drive , iCluod , Box , OneDrive  and Dropbox are very reliable and free although the amount of data you can store is limited, the option to upgrade if you need more is open to a Premium Account to increase capacity.

  1. External hard drive

How to backup your data

They connect to your PC via a USB port and have an average capacity 1TB (1024GB ). There are those of desktop you need an external power source to function and are to keep them in one place. The other variant are portable that do not require an extra source of power, that is, they feed on the same connection.

Other options

Finally, you can also connect to your computer one old tablet or an old cell and use them as storage space for your data. It is not the most recommended option because space is often limited to 16, 32 or 64GB, but you can pull throu

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