What makes Facebook so addictive?

A lot has been written about it and the title itself tells about the success of a one single website, which has brought a revolution in the world of internet and also in the lives of internet users. What makes it an addiction? The idea behind the Facebook theme is generally the networking among the likeminded people, friends and social circles.

If carefully observed the actual Art and Science is collecting a huge pool of content developers, who are actually voluntarily adding the content to the website without knowing, that they are being employed and used as the same and are working for free.

This is a brilliant idea and could be the one of its kind in centuries or after the inception of internet world. The thoughts generally provoked in my mind, while understanding the dynamics of the face book are healthy for discussion and fruitful to ponder upon. Each single thought is itself a topic of detailed writing and gives more and more off shoots to be highlighted and analyzed.

Today its one point, why the Facebook is conceived, assembled and inaugurated in United States and why not in any other country, did the support of infrastructure of US government or the status of US being the most technologically advanced country have helped the management of face book to reach to this point. Was it the appreciations of startups or the appreciation of the new entrepreneurs? By the private sector that has helped the founders of Face book to develop such phenomenal social media website. This is just the beginning of a wide subject, many thoughts yet to be crafted to explore the topic further.

The discussion about the success of this website and its role and penetration in the modern high tech society, can motivate many other people to think of such ideas, those may change the course of history.

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