Whatsapp added new feature following Snapchat & Facebook



Whatsapp added new feature following Snapchat and Facebook

WhatsApp is making drastic changes in its App, by updating its status feature now you can update your status in the form of text, still images, gifs and even in videos and that will last for 24 hours.

Now I know, what are you thinking right now that, you are already using such kind of features in snapchat in the form of snap stories? But that will change the complete dynamics of WhatsApp because previously it was just a messaging in which people can text each other, share pictures, videos and can make voice and even video call.

But now complete diversity will come on the end of WhatsApp working dynamics because like Instagram and snap chat it will give the opportunity to scroll down and see the posts and uploads of the other senders. Just like Snap stories they also named it as stories.

As well your contacts can comment and can reply to your status but those replies are fully private and can be seen just by you, your other contacts will not be able to see those replies. Each reply will be send to you in form of message.

This feature will be available to WhatsApp Android, IOS and Windows users very soon.

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