Which are simple meditation techniques for stress management?

Meet these simple guided meditation exercises for de stress anywhere in your day to day.Anyone who has had contact with mindfulness meditation, known to be a potent relaxing person. You do not need an idyllic setting of incense, sounds of Tibetan bowls, meditation music,water flowing and being in lotus position to practice it.This article explains how to do meditation?

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1.A simpler way

There are simple exercises you can practice meditation in your daily life even in the busiest sites, in any case, will help you clear your stress and feel comfortable where you are. And incidentally you have the feeling of being lost as drawing sections could be waiting your turn in a waiting room or while traveling on public transport.

Far from technicalities and extreme states of nirvana and mystical recogimientos, let’s stay with the real basis of meditation to clear the mind. For this there are simple exercises that can be implemented without need of nothing more than your body.

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2.Accepts sounds

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Are you going by bus or train? Do you have a headache and there is a terrible noise? This is the exercise: Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a bubble. You hear everything but nothing can penetrate within that field around you. Accept the sounds inside your bubble but there is calm. Therefore sounds and voices glide around you but none affect you because they do not come. The clearer you visualize the greater the effect until you reach abstraerte completely.

Outside the bubble are sounds and thoughts, inside the bubble there is nothing, just you. Dare to try, it will perfect the practice and in the meantime, the concentration to do so you will not think and do not listen.

3.Trouble sleeping?

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Sleep comes when the mind has no thoughts. Being running rings around the head is shown to be the easiest way to provoke insomnia. So lying and calm your bedroom you should focus on your breathing.

This is a basis of meditation for these cases are great because it helps rid the mind of thoughts. Focus all your attention on your breathing, deep breathing and oxygenating your blood regularly and your body. Took in as it sounds, as the air enters your lungs and fills you with life. The more you hear your breath unless you hear otherwise and sleep peacefully.

Start with these exercises and get used your mind to go blank. Little by little you get and there are many benefits and peace that gives clear the mind


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