Which is the most expensive building in the world?

great pyramid og giza

Does the Great Pyramid of Giza?

The 20,000 slaves ,rank and file workers who built it received bars of bread and a pitcher of beer a day . 4000 masons were more privileged, as their wages added some meat or fish. The calculation of the pyramid is difficult because the pharaoh did not have to pay anything except food for workers to remain standing. The stone and mortar were free.

Despite its monumental image, the Great Pyramid of Giza would be a simple work to raise today. Only 12 cranes and 600 workers would be needed. It could be created in a few weeks rather than the 20 years that the Egyptians were taken.Turner Construction Company estimates that at today’s prices, the Great Pyramid would cost 1.3 billion dollars , less than hundreds of projects worldwide by utilizing latest technologies in the world. The cost is calculated with good food for the workers, but with Coke instead of beer.

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great wall of china

Does The Great Wall of China?

Another gigantic work that comes to mind is the Great Wall of China . Has more than 21 000 kilometers and was built in 21 century, so long that when they went in half and had to rebuild the initial part.

We do not know if the Chinese emperors distributed beer or paid a wage, but in the end only it was a long wall, without the difficulties of the height of the Great Pyramid. Its current cost would not be much compared to other works.

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great mosque of mecca

Does the Great Mosque of Mecca?

It is said that the budget of the Saudi royal house to renovate the religious building most important in the country is 23 000 million. Includes decorated in style, along with a new highway and a new rail system.

hongkong international airport

Does the Hong Kong International Airport?

In 1998 it cost 20 thousand million dollars as it had to build an artificial island first .At current prices, the cost would be 29 000 million.

hinkley point nuclear plant

Does the Hinkley Point nuclear plant?

This plant that rises in Somerset, England and will generate 3200 megawatts of power, will be the most expensive building in the world , according to estimates by Greenpeace . The opposed the project, Greenpeace estimated to cost more than USD 35 000 million.

international space station

The International Space Station

It turns out that the most expensive thing made by earthlings is not on Earth . It is the International Space Station , at a cost of 110 000 million dollars would you you expected?

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