Who are anonymous?and What do they do?

If you have not heard of Anonymous, it’s because you’ve been on another planet recent years. The hacktivist collective, has been involved in all sorts of causes, scandals and revolutions.Who are they? How do they work? There are many questions about this group and today we want to tell 7 things you should know about Anonymous.

Anonymous existed since 2003, but became known in 2008


This decentralized collective, originated in 4chan, a sort of forum unregulated based in the United States. Its members are everywhere in the world, as there are no hierarchical structures.Although he was born in 2003, only in 2008 they became known from its first major operation, which was directed against the Church of Scientology.In the operation called Project Chaology, sought to remove Internet material questioned about this religious group, through attacks on their sites, filtering information and other non-violent methods.

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Its distinctive is the mask of Guy Fawkes

who is anonymus

The most characteristic image of Anonymous is the famous mask of Guy Fawkes, although the vast majority of people distinguished by the film V for Vendetta.

Guy Fawkes was one of the leaders Gunpowder Plot in England by 1604. The goal was to assassinate King James I. Fawkes, was responsible for placing the explosive charge for the attack, but was intercepted before they succeed.

Fawkes was tried and sentenced to death by hanging 1606 but the figure remained alive. On the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, it is usually burned a statue or figure of Guy Fawkes.

Anonymous managed to thwart several networks of child pornography


This group of people, many with extensive computer skills, was able to disrupt a network of child pornography in the call Operation Dark Net in October 2011. Earlier, they had done with other smaller networks.

In this operation, not only he attacked to the network via DDoS, but also gave disclose information about the contents of the servers, files and who participated in the group.

They are accused of hacking a site for epileptics

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No confirmation, but it is believed that a faction of Anonymous was behind the hacking of the forums of the American Epilepsy Foundation.A code setting out a series of activated fast and bright animations, which could cause headaches and even seizures in some photosensitive epileptics.

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Operation Payback

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Credit:We are legion

One of the biggest operations undertaken by Anonymous was called Operation Payback, which aimed to sites of copyright organizations, governments and film studios.

His most important point was the call #OpSony , who managed to bounce enterprise networks, including PlayStation Network and filter user data and company employees.

This attack was motivated by the legal harassment of Sony to hacker GeoHot , who developed a method to unlock the PlayStation.

Anonymous has no leader

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There are leaders within and Anonymous, the hacktivist not know each other, since the interaction is usually given through conduits such as IRC. Often the attacks are carried out by factions identified with a country or cause.

Hardly an operation commits all collaborators Anonymous, since no records or formalities.

The hacktvistas , act in an anarchic way , although their sources and operations show that there is collaboration among its supporters. Unidentified people with Anonymous, have been part of the operations, especially when physical presence is asked to protest.

The credo of Anonymous

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Credit:Extreme tech

In the videos Anonymous usually hang on the network, you can see the so -called “creed ”of the collective.

“We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Wait for us. “

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