Microsoft VS Apple:Why Microsoft is better than Apple?

While there has always been a war between Microsoft and Apple to see which of the two companies is worn on the market, things seem to have gone calming down lately thanks to Microsoft develops apps for the iPhone and allows these run under their OS.

This is only a small part of what the sample company Bill Gates is developing and that Apple still does not see and you see that there are more examples, here I show you some of the things that I think Microsoft does better than Apple.

1.Start menu

Why microsoft is better than apple

Over the years MAC OS X has remained stagnant in terms of design, if you analyze all versions of recent times are very similar which does not happen with Windows. There is a huge jump between Windows 7, 8 and 10; the start menu is a clear example of this. It has been redesigned multiple times until you get to the latest version that is easier to find files and applications.

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2.Cloud Services

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It is recognized by many that cloud services like Microsoft OneDrive and OneNote are better than Apple available. Among other benefits offers the ability to save notes and files on any device, not just Apple devices.


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Another aspect is in research and scientific innovation; Microsoft is currently mired in projects speech recognition using artificial intelligence and takes other interesting projects as Hololens, futuristic technologies that could make a difference in the world.

4.Management of windows

why Microsoft is better than apple

Microsoft will be given as well the handling of windows, for example, just take a window and drop it on top of the sale this is maximized which is very useful to handle multitasking options.

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5.Availability of virtual assistant

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Apple has Siri and Microsoft has to Cortana, the big difference between the two virtual assistants lies primarily in its availability in other operating systems. While Cortana is available for iPhone, Android and Windows 10, Siri only has a presence in iPad and iPhone, even the gadgets with MAC OS X have access to this application.


Why microsoft is better than apple. 5

Historically, Windows has been a better platform for gaming than Apple and thanks to the application of Xbox where you can make streaming games from your Xbox console to your gadgets with Windows 10; the advantage has grown in size.

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