Why Spacex reusable rocket Falcon 9 is so important?

Historical mission accomplished: SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is the first recyclable landing in an ocean platform .Technological advances are still happening in our society at an enormous rate. So far, the shuttles with which the ships into space outside the earth’s atmosphere fell into the sea or crashed drove here and there. Now, the private company Space X has made its recyclable rocket landing on a platform of peaceful and properly, the Falcon 9.

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Does every day closer to Star Wars?

reusable rockets by spacex

In the films of science fiction, especially Star Wars, we watched the ships take off and land without any platforms and shuttles without other additives or track to pick up speed.

However, although it would be wonderful to travel from one solar system to another so easily, science and human knowledge does not give us much … yet.Until now, ships and probes launched into space are driven by large rockets that act as shuttle and have enough to send them outside the Earth ‘s atmosphere to reach their destination energy. Overcoming the enormous gravity of our planet has been and is one of the great challenges.These rockets fell into the sea once had done their job or were lost as the ship, either manned or not, following his space journey.

However, it has been the company Space X, totally private, who has made the first rocket called Falcon 9, which after sending his ship Dragon supplies to the International Space Station has returned to land safely on a floating platform designed to drones the central Atlantic Ocean.All a fantastic milestone that could revolutionize the exploration of the universe thanks to the enormous economic savings that can entail.

As a curiosity, to say that the landing is named Of Course, I Still Love You, taken from the name of a ship that appeared on the novel The Player of Game writer Iain M. Banks.

The mission of Space X

The Dragon capsule launched by Space X was bound for the International Space Station and supply mission astronauts over 3000 kilograms supplies to experiment with micro gravity among other goods and scientists to continue their work teams.We are still far from living in a universe like reflecting films like Star Wars or Star Trek, always speaking in a figurative sense and speaking, but someday our rockets will look increasingly to their ships.


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