Why you should avoid Netflix subscription?

The services streaming are definitely the future of television and although Netflix is the largest and most reliable of all may not be the suitable for you.Here are five reasons that indicate that subscribe to Netflix may not be your best option.

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1.Requires Internet

netflix subscription

Being a service that depends exclusively on Internet is necessary that you have a good connection to see the contents in optimum quality. This is what makes the difference between the videos in 4K, 720p and 240p, if people enjoying other streaming services like YouTube or there gamer connected to the network in your network your speed broadband will be affected to the point of interfering in the quality of Netflix video showing its contents automatically adjusting your connection.

2.You do not own anything

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If you buy a CD or DVD you are the sole owner of all the videos contained in these media it, however, works differently streaming. Depending on the plan you choose you can end up paying almost $ 150 a year and if you decide to terminate your contract with the service you’re alone with the memory of the series, movies and films you saw.

3.Your library is outdated

Why you should avoid Netflix subscription

If you go expecting really updated content streaming service under this you will find yourself facing a big disappointment for outside of Netflix Originals reality is that there is updated content.

The problem is that because of contracts with television networks is not a smart strategy to let Netflix stream of content make channels like Fox and CBS as this means that people would not see these chains themselves which would affect their income.The same applies to movies only when sales of DVDs have been exhausted and no longer can you get more out of a movie it is when licensed content with Netflix.

4.The content you see depends on the country where you are

This does not always happen but sometimes Netflix content available exclusively for a particular country, so if for example you are in Uruguay and want to see a number of United States fall into this category, you’ll have to find another way to see it.

5.High consumption data

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If you’re tied to a provider who charges you according to your Netflix data consumption then it can be a great danger for the TV Ultra HD video anyone can take up to 1GB of data from your monthly plan.

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