Your Digital life will be at safe hands even when you die

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Your Digital life will be at safe hands even when you die

Google came up new feature that is seems to be very efficient will help you die more peacefully, may be you haven’t any probability to die very soon. But lots of people do make their wills that who is going to get their things after their death that decisions might made for all the tangible things. But what about your social media accounts details?

Who are those people allowed by you to have access of your private information after you? Google gave you the opportunity in this certain manner. You can also customize the information related to which should disclose and keep hidden from digital inheritors.

Not just death Google actually provide you a backup plan for the sake that if your account remain inactive for a large span of time who will allowed by you to have an access of your account. Without deactivation if for three months there is no activity observed by google from your side, they will not notify to almost 10 of your chosen contacts regarding this matter. There is also option available regarding who will allowed to have access to your information and which sort of information. The type of information you selected while making settings will be downloadable by your heirs. These people can be from your friends and family.

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But before this whole activity begins google will send you a notification via your phone, regarding the inactivation of your accounts, at that point of time you have a complete choice regarding what you want to do. Google gave you information regarding the duration after which your account will be inactivated that usually consist of 1 to 2 years duration. According your awn demand and feasibility. When this duration will be passed after that google will again alert you in this manner. At that point of time you have an option to add the no of persons from your friends and family to whom you want to have access of your information.

You have to provide contacts no of those 10 persons so Google can send them verification code. Took their confirmation as well. You have also provide an alternative email through which your data will be provided to all those personals to who you have selected. You can also add notes or customized messages for each contact. Once all this information is provided you have an option to permanently enable your account.

All sites have different procedures but yet this function is available in Microsoft, twitter, Facebook, yahoo, Instagram and many other social working websites.

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