4 constructive ways to get rid of your bad habits in life


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4 constructive ways to get rid of your bad habits in life

Our bad habits take on a whole bunch of different forms and affect a wide variety of areas of our everyday life. One thing is certain though: getting rid of it is a necessity, a step towards individual fulfillment.

The harmfulness of our bad habits certainly lies in their impact on our health or our budget, but it is at the psychological level, as often, that we will study the consequences and the levers to encourage its disappearance. Bad habits has always a negative impact on our lives

So if everyone has his little hidden vices, it’s time to name them, to better confront them and reduce them to the stage of bad memories! This is our priority of the day, finding a way to free ourselves from the harmful and destructive behaviors that we adopt without any real justification.

1. Take Responsibility For bad Things:

Whatever actions you repeatedly repeat and which you know are harmful to your existence, the first reflex is of course not to bury them, to ignore them, to minimize them. We all have some unfortunate tendencies, the whole thing is to be able to confess it so that we can understand how to remedy it.

Identifying your mistakes is one of the most important steps. If it can be easy, do not hesitate to write black and white your deviations, accompanied by the apologies often used to make them less sharp: “we smoke because we love it, we get into debt because we absolutely had to buy this new piece of furniture overpriced”

Basically it is just a curtain behind which we use to hide our wrong deeds, and gave ourselves justification regarding why it is so necessary for us do so

Each choice, life orientation, decision, is made according to your environment, but remains personal, individual. As such, do not expect to blame events or your entourage for your irrational behavior. No, you did not start smoking “because of your personal problems”.

It was not the latter who made it possible to buy a package, a cigarette lighter, put a cigarette in your mouth, turn it on, and shoot several puffs on it.

In short, the first thing to remember?

Certainly, if you want to say goodbye to your bad habits, you will have to be clearly interested in highlighting their impact on your ability to fulfill your personal goals and begin today to take responsibility for your actions.

2.Define A Course Of Action To Eradicate Our Bad Habits

The principle is simple: if you want to stop doing something that seems inevitable (because your will is almost absent), you must always keep in mind the main reason for wanting to change. Sometimes it is enough to be honest with yourself.

Before embarking on a desperate attempt at evolution, my advice is to find a reason, that I say, the indisputable reason that will allow you to cling to this desire for “reform.

3. Look for the signs of materializing your bad habit:

Most of the time, the materialization of our bad habits takes place according to an established pattern. It is then quickly realized that it is often under the same conditions that one lets oneself go to our “vile” behaviors.

One could even identify a sort of vicious circle, rendering ineffective any principle of resolution or resistance. The latter would be based on a desire (felt as a need), filled by a habit, giving access to a reward, even if it is ephemeral.

It is actually when you feel like you should act: try to upset your routine: take a walk, call a longtime friend, start a physical activityYou must get out of your mind the need to indulge in your bad habits, and this when it seems to be at its peak.

The important thing is to inscribe his reflection (by coupling it with physical postures) in the logic that bad habits are limited, relativized. As often, it is here an awareness that will serve as a detonator, the engine of a positive evolution.

4 The Principle Of Reward, A Weapon In The Fight Against Bad Habit:

As often, a change is at the origin of a psychological challenge. The latter must be apprehended and accepted. Feeling of repressing one’s own self-affirmation , stinging ego , questioning self-confidence, then appear when we try to change the perception of our reality.

What seems to be a cry of your safeguards is actually an illusion. It is simply the exposure of evolution, the fear of not being equal to your commitment and of not finding again the “pleasure” conferred by your bad habits, which negatively influences you.

In this context, it is important to focus on highlighting your efforts. If you have managed to limit your “unhealthy” reflexes, even if only in part, you should be proud of yourself and give yourself a reward. Obviously, the latter must not consist in letting you go to one of your bad habits, but to get you a concrete moment of happiness and escape.

Why for example do not enjoy the money saved since you quit smoking to go on a trip?

Anyway, and as you see, getting rid of bad habits requires effort, some determination and an ability to keep focus on your personal goals.