5 life hacks you must practice to boost your energy level


energy level

5 life hacks you must practice to boost your energy level

Sometimes without any reason you started feeling bit upset, but you didn’t find a way to get out of that situation. You didn’t take interest in what you are doing, you just want to let go off the same routine. So here are few tricks that will pull off your energy and you will feel recovered and get the best out of you.

  1. As you know that exercise is a great therapy and you feel much better after doing it. So try to add up an excellent exercise in your routine and look at the clock and count how many breaths you take per minute. Most of the people have higher tempo than that, so put into practice slowing down first then gradually increase rate of breaths you take and try to keep your mouth closed, and then observe how you feel afterwards.
  2. Always try to take cold showers as they are a great way to boost your energy, because they force your circulation to wake up and get your pulse racing.
  3. You will be astonished to know because this trick is superb, it is recommended by Kundalini yoga founder, Yogi Bhajan, is brushing your hair. Place you head between your knees, let the hair fall over your face and then brush from roots to tips. And you breathe new life in no time.
  4. Always try to change the position of your “doings”, get at least 15 minutes of walk preferably in nature and it will definitely help, move your desk where you feel better, change the position of your seat, change your routine, even changing which hand operates the mouse can cheer you up. In short always find new ways of getting things done. Because people get bore off same routine so change its better for good.
  5. May be you are familiar with the term “breath of fire”, it is a yoga technique and a good way to boost your energy level. It set off the navel and solar plexus, and is a radical practice of Kundalini yoga. It is done by propelling the naval point in and out whereas pant rapidly through the nose.


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