5 reasons why iPhone is best from Android, take a look


android vs iphone

5 reasons why iPhone is best from Android, take a look

People mostly love iphone because of the name of the company and benchmark really matters. It has high quality specs, and it’s very different from android phones. So people prefer iphone instead of android let’s take a look on some of the reasons why iphone is better than android.

Better hardware and software Integration

In iphone the touch display is smart enough to sense pressure, there is no need to push harder on the screen. On the other hand Android phones have haptic feedback for ages, but the Taptic engine in the new iPhones is fantastic efficient.

hardware and software


From the appearance of the phone to the iOS system, iphone is always easiest phone to use. It allows you to arrive on the exact location where you want to go. Pick it up, turn it on, move to the app that you really looking for and enjoy.

Updates when you need it

But the one thing that is not acceptable at all is the latest version of Apple’s software is launched and that was 4,9 percent of Android devices its quite sad since it release they launched a newer version.

ios updates

Best Apps

Apps formation is a process that’s never going to an end. Android and iphone have more than 1 million apps in their stores but the race is not over yet. Iphone is still producing new apps, it is a Netflix of Google Play Store. It’s very clear that iphone is still the king of all mobile phone devices.

Works best with Macs

You must be surprised to know that iphone works beautifully with Macs. For instance you can send and receive messages by using Macbook all you have to do is to keep ypur iphone nearby to the Macbook.

iphone works best with mac


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