8 magnificent tips to get through difficult situations

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Life is a succession of happy events and others that are less so. It depends only on us to perceive it as a daily struggle or as a long, quiet river.

1.Become Aware of the Situation

The first thing to do when faced with a difficulty is to recognize it as soon as possible. This sounds simple but it’s not that obvious. People who pass easily through difficult situations are those who pass the fastest through the various stages of mourning which are: denial, rage, negotiation, depression and finally acceptance

2.Manage Your Emotions

Ephimia Morphew, a recognized psychologist with the Society for Human Performance in extreme Environments, stated that divers who drowned most often still had oxygen in their bottles and their regulator was functioning properly, the panic they removed their mask and drowned. If they took a few seconds to calm down and think, some of them could probably still be alive today. We must therefore take the time to identify our emotions, calm down and assess the situation rationally so that we plan and act accordingly.

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3.Allow Yourself to Give Up

The secret of success is knowing when to give up. This may seem contradictory but this is not the case. When we take the time to regularly re-evaluate the situation and adjust, we are more likely to succeed. But this re-evaluation can lead to an abandonment of the situation if we realize that we do not have the capacity or the resources to reach our goal. It’s time to drop.

4.Look Great

The common thread of all successful people is that they aim very high and have unshakeable confidence in their abilities. Aim forever higher than as high as your abilities allow you.

5.Prepare Yourself…Even If It Is Too Late

The secret is to prepare for the future even if you are already in a difficult situation. However, the plan must be as close as possible to the real situation. Having a bad plan is often much worse than having no plan.

6.Keep Busy

Keeping yourself busy during difficult times is the best way to stay calm and not sink into negative thoughts. According to some research, the human being is happier when occupied.

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7.Make It a Game

A mountaineer who broke his leg in the ascent of a mountain decided to go down with his friends. He found the least painful movements and decided that it would be a new dance he was going to dance until he came down the mountain. This attitude allowed him to maintain morale and arrive safely. Make a game of your difficulties, they will be easier to overcome.

8.Seek Help and Help People around You

Even if it bothers us, it’s important to ask for help when we see no way out of our situation. But sometimes giving help is just as comforting as receiving it. By helping others we put into perspective our own worries that become easier to solve.

Finally, let us not forget that “what does not kill us, makes us stronger”

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