All’s Well that Ends Well

“All’s Well that Ends Well”, this phrase has the essence of struggle behind the well ending of things. Not a single being on earth, I believe is achieving success and comfort without effort. Well yes there are some people out there who enjoy a luxurious life without taking pain but the reason of their comfort is the efforts of some other. Its not always like struggle of a person leads to comfort of others likewise Newton did effort and came up with some useful theories, although I am using the word ‘useful’ but for people like me this effort of his led us to have so much stuff to learn at high school! Jokes apart, for many the efforts of Sir Newton are really ‘useful’.

As I am jobholder, an employee of a game developing company, I can feel this phrase to be true because that’s what I have experience in my job so far. All the games and android and IOS
apps you use ‘comfortably’ have the efforts of a whole team behind. We brainstorm, we plan, we take the pain and together we work to bring you the best of what we can so that you can have fun on your gadgets. Now here by the word Pain I do not mean that we find the task hard and we have our body aching all over, here the word pain refers to the concerns, responsibility and hard work that we put in the task. Developing a game, if I say, is like doing a task with taking a chance having your fingers crossed because we don’t really know if it gets hit or not.

When I was new to this company to be very honest I didn’t like any of the game we had, only some were quite a thing to play. Few downloads, few reaches less reviews, but still we were asked to make new ones, annoying that was but no matter how the games were, the work kept on, our boss didn’t let our morale down, I wondered why?? Why is he pushing us to develop more and more games and apps when we are not achieving what we desire? With no shame in telling, I am a bit slow at catching the thoughtful roots my boss has behind every plan, well I myself realized this when now I see the success rate of our apps. Duh’ I think I was pretty greedy kind of a person back then wanting to have every app successful every time but that’s not how things work, you learn better when you experience and face critics.

As my boss say it’s ‘hit and try’ thing, which sure it is and I’ve lived through this, hitting the play store with apps and apps and didn’t stop trying, and it feels so good to grow along your company’s success by the time.

Sometimes the idea of an app though being good, undergoes some changes and modifications when analyzed with development perspective, this at time creates mess but we manage to get it done with our teamwork and when we get appreciating remarks from you guys everything seems well so here I can proudly fit in the phrase that all is well that ends well.

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