An online game invites learn how to create offshore companies

  • The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists includes it on its website on how to hide their money in tax heavens as numerous people.
  •  In the game we can take the role of a football player, a police or a businessman.

“Do not worry, lawyers, wealth managers and bankers will be there to help , “ encourages us with these words the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists to play the online game on ‘ Panama roles ‘.

 Learn how to hide your money effectively distance ‘ Stairway to Heaven Tax ‘ (it is only available in English) is the name of the game, where we can choose between a famous footballer, a political star or a successful entrepreneur.

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After selecting the character, we will be taking decisions about how to create and manage an offshore company, a tool to hide assets and defraud the treasury, according to the papers Panama have used some 1,200 Spanish taxpayers.

The three papers pose simple choices that are resolved in just over a minute and help understand how people have acted involved in this type of fraud. The game can only end in two ways, managing to evade taxes, or by calling the attention of the tax authorities.
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