Apple’s stock value is increasing, its up-to $750 Billion

Apple's market value

Apple’s stock value increasing & its up-to $750 Billion

Apple is new market leader in term of stock prices, which growing day by day, now Apple is in competition with its own self. In just one year its stock price rose almost 25% which is a huge success and it gradually achieving more success as well.

This year is an apple 10th anniversary year in which they are planning to launch iPhone 8, which just by its name creates a hype in the market. Customers are waiting desperately for the set and searching for every possible detail they can found on the internet regarding upcoming launch. Till now Apple is the best performer.

Apple's phone

Apple stock is now worth of $750 billion, it actually left google behind the race whose stock price is 590 billion. 2017 is actually a year of Apple there are lots probabilities and possibilities related to its growth plans can be heard, which includes maybe Apple will organize National football league or super bowl, Along with that introduce new phone to expand the Apple family.

No one knows about the authenticity of these rumors but on a whole due to them there is a lot of pressure on the company, in order to fulfill rising demands and expectation of company.

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But stock market assumes this new release will going to drop the jaws of many stakeholders in every possible which way, though competition will remain high this year because direct competitor of iPhone is coming up with new phone as well. There is huge probability that they going to grasp lots of market share as well and going to give Apple a very tough competition.

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