Astounding: Disney established new wireless charging room

disney wireless room

Astounding: Disney established new wireless charging room

The Disney research hub has unveiled its “Wireless Power Room” a room in which you can recharge all electronic appliances without any cable.

This is high prototype room allow you upgrade your charging by just moving around in that, could charging a device can be more simpler than that.

Warning, it remains a prototype but it still a great technological advance in the field of wireless charging, with a surface of 25m2, this room has aluminum plates on the floor and on its walls, but also a copper pole equipped with electric capacitors located in its center. Basically it is an external generator which will send current into the room in order to generate a circular magnetic field around copper pole.

Disney scientists have developed a “quasistatic cavity resonance” technology that is very efficient and effective. Indeed, it is a variable according to the position of the object to recharge in the room even if the researchers affirm that all the devices can be fed whatever their place.

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