Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice best Parodies on youtube

Batman facing Superman is what we’re all talking about. To change a bit the prospect of battle, there are several internet bizarre ideas , the meeting between the Last Son of Krypton and the Dark Knight. Who will win? These 10 parodies on YouTube will give you the results you did not expect. Have fun!

1.Deleted scene with Jimmy Kimmel

At this crucial moment are Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne in a glitzy event where art and wealthy people as part of the millionaires, intelligent Wayne moves slowly through the gallery. As a reporter, Kent doing his job and comes close. The great moment of facing the two superheroes with their alter egos. In addition, comedian and host Jimmy Kimmel makes his grace. It reveals to all that is Batman and Superman! A Clark Kent takes away the glasses and Wayne finds out when going to take a picture and phone covers the top of his face. Additionally, the end is the best, with reference to the film The Martian.

2.Why Superman Batman comes before the title of the film?

A meeting that begins with a series of teasing reveals that, of course, Batman is more interesting than Superman. When both are angry, they begin the insults … and pickets eye for Batman. It is then that the Dark Knight will use Kryptonite to put things in their favor. In addition, a character from Marvel (or maybe two) comes to bring order to the fight. The video features the voice of the subject of the Epic Trailers.

3.The secret is out

Perhaps the fight for their differences is real one. He will connect in an unexpected way. The secret is already out there and the two superheroes are the only ones who did not want to act on it. A parody with subtitles in French, but with a body language that is understood anywhere in the world.

4.They invited Shia LaBeouf because it was necessary

Did you get to see when the actor made ​​a video of motivation? His phrase ” Just Do it ” became viral and many parodies emerged. Even the mighty Batman and the Fantastic Superman will meet Labeouf in person. If you’re going to fight a superhero, nobody like Shia LaBeouf to propel before the battle.


You can never miss the version of game. Now you can do cinematic in GTA V, a good idea was to recreate one of the first trailers that appeared in the film. Batman and Superman in a witty and well-made ​​representation. How similar is the original equipment?

6.Nicolas Cage!

The beloved and controversial Nicolas Cage makes his appearance in this travesty.  Instead of a Superman played by Henry Cavill, it is Cage who teaches his talents. To laugh a while. It is obvious that the wave of video, memes and things with Nicolas Cage is not over.

7.When you become Disney

Batman is Beast and Hercules is Superman. The criminal who is violently Batman catches the Hunchback. Best of all is that Bruce Wayne is the Prince Eric, an interesting idea with the original audio trailer and images of animated films from Disney. Who would win this fight?

8.Batman v Superman v Randy Orton

One of the best parodies that were invented. The American fighter takes the lead in a trailer well done. You’ll laugh and you’ll shudder. Overlaying the images given for excellent jokes. Things from Orton out of the Bat mobile to Superman destroying the building where it was Wrestle mania. Fans will appreciate the struggles enough.

9.When the two titans are toys

Involving the film Toy Story, superheroes become the most popular toys in Pixar .Who beats whom? Of course, Bruce Wayne is the cowboy Woody while Buzz is the astronaut is Clark Kent. It is very well done and the movement of the mouths and expressions make it funnier.

10.The most extravagant parody

The effects and the amount of nonsense make it the best trailer of these two superheroes. You’re not going to figure out who is the Wonder Woman! It includes many details that need to see at least four times. From a Freddy Krueger in a scene from the Bat mobile to a huge corn loaded Superman, too many elements that make the most exotic trailer for Superman and Batman.

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