Bill Gates Fourth Reddit AMA (ask me anything) session.

There are few people in the technological world who know so much and are as relevant as Bill Gates , one of the fathers of modern technology, founder of Microsoft and philanthropist in a series of causes that seek to improve life through science projects.Bill Gates made ​​an AMA (Ask me anything) on Reddit and users were given a feast with questions about his personal life, predictions for the future and curiosities that make us love him more.

Before the session he released a teaser:See Video Below


True to the rules of Reddit AMA Bill Gates had to prove their identity by an image and quite creatively recreated a photo yearbook of his high school that immediately caused a sensation.

The most interesting questions to Bill Gates

bill gates high school photo

The picture you see is the one used by Bill Gates to prove their identity to the huge community of Reddit, but the session of questions and answers was much more interesting than a trip to the past. We share with you the best of the AMA.

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What achievements I would like to see in the next twenty years?

 Gates mentioned three points:

  • Energy innovation to lower your costs and get rid of greenhouse gases.
  • Progress in the eradication or at least decrease sharply cases of infectious diseases such as polio, malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, etc.
  • Tools to improve education , help teachers learn how to teach better and help students to learn and understand why they should study and reaffirm their confidence.

Position on Artificial Intelligence and its dangers

Bill Gates says he has not seen proposals realize how to regulate the Artificial Intelligence but think it is something worth discussing because it shares the concerns of people like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking regarding an extremely intelligent platform capable of creating dangers in terms of power and eventually control.

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Recent technological developments and their risks

The creator of Microsoft said he was concerned about biological weapons and bio terrorism, but believes these advances also can be used for good.

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Science fiction technologies

Asked about what technologies “fantasy” would he like to see as real? Gates said that he is interested in everything related to robotic surgery that makes the safer, faster and less costly operations.

He also indicated that the Foundation that bears his name and that of his wife work on tools that have not yet been able to realize but that would be helpful.

Or money problems can be solved

Bill Gates is one of the world’s richest men and Reddit users asked what problems or challenges would have been impossible and frustrating as it cannot be solved with money.

The billionaire said that the most serious problem was how to prevent a small group of terrorists take nuclear or biological weapons to kill millions of people. It is a subject that closely analyzed both government and personal level but still does not know how to solve it.

Bill Gates retired?

Bill Gates has no plans to stop working, it’s he says he loves what he does about science and fieldwork. He said that at twenty did not believe in holidays but has been easing his need for rest. He said he will work alongside his wife in their foundation at least for the next 30 years if his health permits.

The most important learning

What is the most useful thing you learned in your life? Gates’ response is to write and think before speaking.

These are just some of the answers that Bill Gates gave during his AMA (Ask Me Anything on Reddit), you can read the whole thing on the respective page.

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