celebrate Martin Luther king Jr Holiday 16 January 2017

Celebrate Martin Luther king Jr Holiday 16 January 2017

Today is the day of Martin Luther King Jr, January 16, 2017. Banks, government offices and courts remain close the whole day. Today is to celebrate the life and working of Martin Luther King Jr. He was born in Atlanta in 1929.

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He started his career his countrified career in Montgomery, Alabama in 1954. King was chosen by Montgomery’s community leaders to systematize the after effects of bus boycott. He was the most influential and inspired voice in an attempt to diminish segregation in the United States. He was also rewarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

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Changes in Transportation  

Traffic will remain two-way the whole day in Washington DC’s roads together with Connecticut Avenue, Canal Road and Rock Creek Parkway. The 95 Express Lanes manage on a normal Monday schedule i.e. they will overturn the lanes from northbound to southbound at 11.am.

On Metro system will open at 5 a.m. and close at midnight. Train will scuttle on a Saturday agenda with no vocation planned. Metro Bus will scuttle on Saturday supplemental plan. It will run on its normal hours, but payment trips will be stopped except demanded.

All recreational areas i.e. administrative offices and aquatic facilities will remain close. All synthetic fields, playgrounds, tennis courts and basketball courts will remain open. Most of the government authorities will remain close the whole day.  

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