China’s birthrate is short after opening two child policy


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China’s birthrate is short after opening two- child policy

China’s birthrate is too low and needs to rise as the nation faces severe challenges such as shrinking labor force and hastily mature population, the government said in blueprint outlining population policies up to 2030.

The State Council proposed procedures ranging from assessment inducement to introducing paternity leave to improve birth rate, but demographic experts said the rate would be enormous.

The plans were lifted in a population document released on late Wednesday. The document came following the authorities tranquil the one-child policy over a year ago to consent the couples to have two babies.

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But the figure cut down short of prior expectations of at least 20 million new babies under the two-child policy.

The State Council paper declared that China’s birthrate, which has been plunging below “replacement level”, would persist to reside stumpy in the long-term even after the commence of the two-child policy.

Families remain unwilling to have a second child for a variety of reasons. Many couples have said before that they were cautious of having a bigger family because of the costs concerned.

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China is dealing “relatively large pressure” in attaining suitable fertility rate, according to the government document.

The world’s most heavily populated country will see its population crest at about 1.45 billion in about 2030, the document said. Its aging personnel aged between 45 and 69 will report for over one third of the population at that time, it further added.

The amount of people aged 60 or above will be enlarged to a quarter from 16 percent in 2015.

“Population intensification will slow downward because of a declining number of women of childbearing age and the increasing death rate in the elderly population,” the paper said.

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The calculation is based upon the expectation that China’s fertility rate, or the standard number of children a woman gives birth to, will raise to 1.8 in the decade from 2020 to 2030, from a rate of 1.5 in 2015.

To maintain the population range from reduction over the long run, the fertility rate needs to reside over 2.1.

China started to execute its disreputable one-child policy in the early 1980s and implemented vicious procedures, such as forced abortions, to maintain a cover on population growth.

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