Chinese explore the new & innovative ways to use Internet


chinese use internet

Chinese explore the new & innovative ways to use Internet

According to the Tom McDonald when he have seen the Chinese rural areas, he become shocked why on earth someone decided to life in that particular place, but when he keenly observe he came to the conclusion that though I the infrastructure Chinese are far behind than the Europe but as far as its community life style was concerned, they are way more groomed than others countries.

Firstly the internet connection in the rural areas are very efficient and speedy, similarly the way its community use it is also very interesting. As far as everyone knows that Chinese are very helpful and social. They proceed their heritage in their social media communities as well.

According the sources that they actually make usual and causal apps really creative in usage through their capabilities, the reason behind this in china there is no formal manner for interaction, they also talk in informal manner even in their formal setups. That is why employees regard each other a lot, but sometimes it is difficult for them to maintain authority, but as a whole they are extremely cooperative collagenous.

That is why Tom McDonald states that: “’The Chinese Internet is like an online carnival”

The way Chinese users use the WeChat, Facebook and other social media apps are extremely creative and innovative. They tend and opt for new techniques. They are always experimental and enjoy using new tactics to use technology. In contrast west are more logical and analytical in their dimensions. E.g.: a simple event such as anyone birthday or festival they come up with 1000 new to wish others in the form of memes, gifs and videos. They actually come up with new uses of existing apps to make their social life more interesting.

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