Different ways or tools to speed up website loading:

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Different ways or tools to speed up website loading:

Website success is the first priority of the website owner, for that sake they can do anything to bring traffic, work extensively on the content and choose highly searched keywords for the purpose but all these efforts in vain, if your website is to speedy enough, research indicates those websites which takes more than 3 sec to load a page will lose almost 60 to 70% of its traffic. These statistics states that how much speed of loading page is important.

In this article we are going to share with you some essential ways through which you can improve the speed of your page. Which are as follow:

Optimize the Image Weight

Embedding images on her site is a nice way to make it attractive, for sure! However, reducing the weight of its images can speed up the page display speed. Use to begin with formats suitable for navigation comfort, and therefore of type .PNG, .JPG or even .GIF. Compress them using software or use the Smushit tool.

Developed by yahoo, this application, allow to compress an image once again. The tool has the characteristic to remove all superfluous information from an image without affecting its quality.

It should also be borne in mind that it is better to resize via a tool rather than in the code.An image resized by a web browser will always be of lower quality than a resized image thanks to software specialized in image processing (Gimp or Photoshop for example).

Using a CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of caching servers that increases the speed of access to content.In other words, this method makes it possible to store different resources on external servers in order to be able to provide the user with all the files that the latter needs and in the fastest possible way.The server hosting the site thus becomes less solicited during peaks of traffic.

In addition, the distribution of the servers is done in such a way as to be able to reduce the distance between the server and the user’s computer.Without cookies, they also significantly reduce the weight of data transfers and increase the number of simultaneous connections.

Make use of CSS sprites

Improving its website also involves using the technique of what is called “CSS Sprites”.This practice, widely used in video games before (2D), allows to use a single image that contains several others.It is the web designer who selects the image he wishes to use thanks to the “background-position” property.

More concretely, imagine on your site have a Twitter icon, Facebook, RSS, and YouTube for example.Instead of having one image for each button, you will be able to gather these five images in a single file. You can use a single image file for all the icons mentioned above.

Use the fewest possible plugins

This point is primarily for WordPress users.Many of us are installing dozens and dozens of plugins in the belief that this is the best solution to make your site as attractive as possible.Of course, each plugin greatly slows down your site.So eliminate as much as possible and opt only for those that have real utility.You’ll see that loading your pages will only improve.

Have a quality host

To have a site that is displayed quickly all the time, it is imperatively necessary to have a good web host at its disposal, one that provides stability, power, availability, and security.There is no secret for this, it is necessary to put a minimum of budget.


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