Do you know Tech is now the root for all serious crimes?


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Do you know Tech is now the root for all serious crimes?

A new study found that technology is now a root of all serious crimes, declared by Europe’s police agency.

And the crimes comprises of the returns generated by document fraud, money laundering and online trade in illegal goods helps to pay for other damaging crimes, said Europol.

The extensive utilization of technology by criminal gangs causes the “greatest challenge” to police forces, said in a study.

It exposed that Europol is presently tracking 5,000 alienate international organized crime groups.

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The “inclusive” study of controlled crime in Europe found a broad volume of crime groups ranging from movable networks of individual criminals up to large trans-national bodies that make profits which opponent those of legitimate multi-national corporations.

Most of the groups have affection for technology. They find no difficulty in setting up the cybercrime campaigns and run as well as the propagation of online crime services had driven this adoption, said the report. The campaigns they use for cybercrime includes ransomware, to bring about cash that is then used to bankroll people and drug trafficking operations.

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“These cross-cutting criminal threats enable and facilitate most, if not all, other types of serious and organized crime,” said the report.

Furthermore, said Europol, many gangs were bringing into play technology to help create well-established crimes more beneficial.

For example, said the report, drones were currently being used to transfer drugs and numerous burglars now track social media posts to work out when people are far away from their home.

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