Do you want to keep your chats secure? Here is an app


secure chat app

Do you want to keep your chats secure? Here is an app

You probably know that everyone is using secure messaging app from White House staff to activists and politicians. May be you are also finding a way to secure your chats?

Encrypted apps are growing in popularity because people become more conscious about their private information alienating into the wrong hands. But technology proved to be your good friend and there are some apps that secure your messages by adding up strong security layers so that no one could get your private messages in hand.

It is a good practice to download the app and secure your messages.

Now the prying eyes will no longer require technical Know-how to get hands on your private information, because the app encompass some tools that will block the person who will try to hack your chat.

There are numerous encrypted chat apps that use end-to-end encryption; it means that only sender and recipient can read the messages. Third party will not get access to your texts.

As per the documents released by WikiLeaks on Tuesday, the CIA and other government agencies can “bypass” encryption on some chat apps by hacking the phone itself. If anyone gains physical access to your device (because you use bad passwords, for instance), then encryption doesn’t matter for any app”.

For the security of Whatsapp use “Signal app”, as per Nicholas Weaver, senior staff researcher at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley.

Although some people don’t like Whatsapp because it shares some of your data but not your messages with its parent company i.e. “Facebook”.

CNN reported that White House press secretary Sean Spicer verified aides’ mobile devices and informed them using encrypted chat apps, like Confide, go against the Federal Records Act.

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