Eddie long died at age 63, after battling with cancer

Eddie long died at age 63, the contentious leader after battling with cancer

Bishop Eddie Long, the contentious leader has died according to the suburban Atlanta church. He was 63 and one of the largest mega churches. He was died after a battle with severe form of cancer, reported by the new British Missionary Baptist Church. Eddie long nationwide figure and one of the most pioneering and polarizing priest in the church.


He was a priest who guide well known March adjacent to same sex marriage and condemns homosexuality, but he also established a grievance by four young men who said he forced them into sexual relationships.

He was a man, who remunerated the college tuition of deprived people, but the congress investigated him because he created a charity that provided him with a million dollar home and a Bentley luxury car. A sociologist Shayne Lee told that people listened to him all over the country when he spoke, he studies the black Pentecostal church. He was also a part of repackaging of Christianity for post civil rights African-Americans.


His wife always stood by him in every situation whether it is good or awful from national fame and she said that “Although his transition leaves a void for those of us who loved him dearly, we can celebrate and be happy for him, knowing he’s at peace,” Vanessa Long said.

New birth Missionary had about 25,000 members, the church was such a alluring Sunday impedes and it turns out to be hailed as “Club New Birth”. He had a conversation with congress, when he visited President Clinton in the White House and turned out to be a famous figure in white Pentecostal circles. His church organized Coretta Scott King’s funeral service in 2006.


Although Eddie Long dressed like a middle-aged hip hop star, the person who guides him to join this religious field was Jimmy Swaggart, the enigmatic white priest.

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